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The Young Ones may refer to: The Young Ones (1961 film), a 1961 musical starring Cliff Richard, the American title is It's Wonderful to be Young! "The Young Ones" (song), title song to the film and a number-one 1962 single, by Cliff Richard and the Shadows The Young Ones (album), the soundtrack album to the 1961 film

The Young Ones (1973 film), a 1973 Taiwanese film, spoken in Mandarin The Young Ones (TV series), a 1980s British sitcom about four students living together (which uses the song "The Young Ones" as its theme tune) The Young Ones (video game), a video game based on the British comedy television series Young Ones (film), a 2014 science fiction film The Young One, a 1960 English language film directed by Luis Buñuel, also called La joven Wikipedia