Woods Services

Woods was founded a century ago by visionary Mollie Woods with two simple goals -- to advance the quality of life and standard of care for individuals with disabilities. She gained international recognition for her groundbreaking work in helping children with exceptional needs experience the joy of achievement and lead fulfilling lives. Today, we’ve broadened her mission to serve people of all ages and levels of care with a unique model that drives greater achievement for individuals -- and best practices for the industry. We do that by applying leading research in real-world environments to create better outcomes in the four key life areas – Educational, Home and Community Supports, Health, Wellness and Therapeutic and Vocational. Our model relies on the strength of our highly-trained, highly-motivated and extremely dedicated team of clinicians, educators and counselors. Just as Mollie did 100 years ago, we believe our mission and our model are one in the same -- Exceptional People. Fulfilling Lives.

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