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My name is Catherine I currently live in Kansas City. I am 51 years old I have 6 Years + Clean Time. I am the Founder of Addiction Angels & Answers page with over 100,000 friends. We offer motivation, encouragement, and inspiration incorporated with the 12 step program of both NA and AA. The purpose of this page is to help others find peace of mind through the fellowship, love, and support of others. This is a faith based recovery page where people can come for inspiration, kindness, feel loved, and respected. Most who are friends of this page are either addicts in recovery or codependent to an addict trying to grasp and understand what their loved one is going through. It all works well together as we learn how each other feels, copes and recovers. All Positive input, comments, and opinions are welcome here. If you need help with anything please let me know and I will do my best to get you answers, find solutions, or direct you to someone else that can. One Day at a Time with God, Family and Friends we can get through anything. I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for being part of our growing page.

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