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Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Central Maine Personal Delivery Available to much of Maine, including greater Augusta, Brunswick, and Portland areas. We are a full-service Caregiver, providing plant medicine, edibles, and topical preparations of the highest quality to qualified patients. We can assist you in navigating the paperwork, legal system, and healthcare bureaucracy. We strive to create a personal relationship with our clients, so our patients have confidence in our quality of service, product, and standards of privacy. We have many strains available. If there is a variety you would like us to provide for you, just ask! We also make medicinal chocolate, other edibles, and medicinal topical creams and salves. We also provide consultations on garden installations and hydroponic set-ups. Like us for updates on our products, upcoming classes and events, and information about the ever-changing legal framework surrounding medicinal marijuana.

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