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Last updated: 2018-05-22


White River Chapter Law Dogs LE/MC

White River Chapter Law Dogs LE/MC


We are primarily a Law Enforcement/ Emergency Services Motorcycle Club, with a sprinkling of retarded civilians!

Law Dogs Forever, Forever Law Dogs
We are the Arkansas Chapter of the Law Dog's Nation.... a Worldwide Law Enforcement/ Emergency Services MC, a good portion of our members are proudly current/ former Military, and yes.... we accept "like minded" (mentally defective) civilians. We are a non profit Club, dedicated to promoting anything motorcycle related, and raising money for several charities (primarily children's based charities, but if you have a charity you would like us to promote, please contact us.)

While we wear a 3 piece patch, we ARE NOT 1%ers. We wear a 3 piece patch because we are proud of the Brotherhood we share with the Law Dogs Nation, and with our Law Enforcement/ EMS/ Military brothers and sisters.

To become part of our family, you must own and ride a motorcycle.and no, we don't care what brand (it's about the ride, not the brand). You must be a full time, part time Police Office, retired or vested Police Officer from a full time Law Enforcement Agency. We also accept Military, full/ part time or retired Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, Corrections Officers, and select Civilians with a high regard for law enforcement.