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*Salon Services * Braiding * Infusions * Pre Tips * Lace Extensions* Invisible Weaving * Hair Replacement * Trichology Services* Micro Links *Scalp Treatment*laser therapy*Make Up * Spa Packages * Massage Therapy * Facials * Mani Pedi Services* foot detox * body detox * Waxing *infrared body wrap* Ultrasound cavitation * SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY Are you experiencing thinning or severe hair hair loss? Have you ever ask the Question ? Why am I losing my hair? Will my hair ever grow back? Is there a treatment plan available to Reverse Hair loss? If you answered Yes to any of these questions... Unique Creations Trichology Clinic LLC. has the solution for you. Schedule your Private Consultation today with our Certified Trichologist with 0ver " 20 years of experience and Physician -Directed Treatment Programs" since 1987. Scalp Examination Microscope Analysis LHT Therapy Individualized Hair loss Treatment Plans * Start Growing your Natural hair Back Today* Clinic: (225) 927-7082 Main:(225) 927-7007 Spa:(225) 927-7085 www.uniquecreationsspa.com Rapid Growth Herbal System® Our Rapid Growth Hair & Scalp Cream and Oil which is made especially for Dry and Brittle Damagage Hair will stimulate circulation in the scalp which brings oxygen to the follicles and assist in unclogging pores. Clogging of pores is usually caused by resins in shampoos and conditioners and can prevent hair growth. Rapid growth Essential cream and Oil enhances hair growth, thickens, and softens the hair. Along with lubrication the follicles, rapid Growth essential cream and oil Stimulate your scalp and give your hair a beautiful shine. "GROW YOUR HAIR 1" IN 2-4 WEEKS WITH OUR RAPID GROWTH HERBAL VITAMINS...WWW.UNIQUECREATIONSBEAUTY.COM #1 SELLING PRODUCT FOR OVER 18 YEARS !!! Ask about our Rapid Growth Herbal Relaxer 98% chemicals Free (2%Alkaline based)Guaranteed to get your Hair bone stright without the Harsh Chemical and burns!!! Conditions while Straighten. Jamaican Castor Oil The high contents of the oil penetrate more deeply in the scalp and awaken the hair follicles through increase blood circulation and blended nutrient supplements . JCO is a liquid vitamin for the hair containing 100% castor oil, biotin, niacin, lavender, tea tree oil, zinc,capsicum Frutesens, Vitamin E, Sulfur. *Is design to thicken hair that is starting to thin and break *Increase blood circulation to produce stronger hair follicle *Reduce and prevent hair damage *Promote hair growth and overall health *Eliminate dry hair and scalp HAIR EXTENSIONS! Unique Creations offers the most advanced method of Hair Extensions design to meet your every need. Choose from many services such as Hair Infusion, Pre- Tips , Undetectable Hair Weaving and Net Weaving, Micro Links strand by srand, Seamless weaving and Easy Weave. Our Hair extensions are completely natural and feel like your own hair, we select only the finest 100% Human Hair. In Addition, Unique Creations is the leading expert in the Hair Replacement industry. Problems with crown area thinning or total hair loss? Visit Unique Creations Today where Dreams can come true. Hair Infusions & Pre Tips! Single Strands of Hair... Hair infusion is an advanced method of extensions where we take single strands of Human Hair that is matched to your natural hair and is applied 1/2 inch from your roots with Keratin wax. This method takes up to 4 hours to apply and will last 3-5 mos. In Addition, Hair Infusions will allow you to run your fingers through your hair, pull it up into a ponytail without any lumps or bumps. Completely Versatile.. HAIR BRAIDING! SIMPLICITY Are you thinking about giving your Hair a break for a while, from colors, chemicals and curling Iron heat? Considering Going Natural? Well try Hair Braiding Unique Creations offer over 500 different Hair Braiding styles, Micro Braiding, Tree Braids, Dreads, Twists , Yarn Braids, Scalp Braids,Individuals,inter locking etc. Call now for a Consultation Main :(225) 927-7007 Specialization Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Technology for both men and women that has successfully bridged the gap between surgical and Non Surgical process.The Transdermal Hair Restoration has become a major breakthrough in Technology. THR is virtually a seamless transition between the growing hair and the hair that has been reconstructed , undetectable both visually and to a probing touch. THR has permancy without surgery allowing individuals with larger thinning areas to achieve a natural density of hair and creating a undetectable look. It is possible to get the results you want without surgery. With more than 20 years of experience, Unique Creations Hair Replacement LLC. has helped thousands of clients throughout Louisiana , Mississippi, Alabama and Texas, with its non-surgical Trans Dermal Hair Restoration procedure for the replacement process.

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