is a crowdsourced remote usability testing service. Test against your target customer base to build the most effective UI for your product.
TryMyUI provides comprehensive, cross-platform usability testing services to help you improve your website in a quick, affordable way.

Our software captures the “voice of the customer” by remotely recording video and audio of users as they test a given website. Users “think aloud” as they navigate the test site, verbalizing their thoughts and reactions as they complete the tasks posed by the website owner. The end product is a narrated video that captures the user’s screen, mouse movements, keystrokes, voice, and ultimately, their experience. Users also provide written answers to survey questions posed by the customer.

For the customer the setup process is simple. You create a user scenario and tasks to be performed by the tester, then select your target audience demographic. TryMyUI's superior demographic crowd curation uses survey technology to identify exactly who your target customers are, bringing them to you. We handle the rest, and within hours, deliver your narrated videos of testers performing the specified tasks.

TryMyUI was recently acquired by Survey Analytics, a leader in survey questionnaire and user feedback technology. TryMyUI is noted by Forrester Research as an affordable, effective SaaS usability testing tool for user research and design insights.

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