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We currently limit our business to pop-up record sales, record shows, and on-line commerce.
Treehouse Records is the current incarnation of a series of storied record stores at the corner of 26th and Lyndale in south Minneapolis. After becoming Oar Folkjokeopus in 1972 it quickly emerged as the epicenter for the burgeoning 70s and 80s Twin Cities punk scene. Renamed Treehouse in 2001 after the Oar Folk manager took over the business, the store remains a staple of the Twin Cities underground/independent music community and the best source for vinyl in the state.

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Treehouse Records may refer to: Treehouse Records, a Nashville-based record label established in 2009 by Morris Management Group’s Dale Morris, Clint Higham and Mike Betterton, through a partnership with Front Line Management CEO Irving Azoff. First major artist signed: Blaine Larsen. Oar Folkjokeopus, a former Minneapolis. Minnesota record store which served as headquarters for 1980s-1990s indie record label "Treehouse Records" Wikipedia