Top 16 Best Tattoo & Piercing Shops In San Jose, California

Last updated: Feb 19, 2021

California is well known as the most crowded state of America, where over 38 million people share home. This place is also famous for Disneyland, Hollywood, the big industries of wine, milk, and honey, etc. Another prosperous industry here is tattooing, which is called the old cultural definition of America and many other areas of the world.

For a long time, tattooing has been understood as a cultural feature and a way to protect ancient humans from dangerous animals when going hunting. However, it now becomes a way for people to partially show their lifestyle and one-of-a-kind characteristics. More and more individuals go to body art shops to own not just one but even many tattoos at the same time. If you are also a big fan of this fantastic art type, and looking for a trustworthy place where provides world-quality services by most talented, experienced, and friendly artists, refer this article of Top 16 Best Tattoo & Piercing Shops in San Jose, CA in order to find yourself a suitable tattoo studio.

  • 1

    State of Grace

    4.1 (481)
    221 Jackson, St San Jose, CA 95112
    (408) 441-7770
    Are you a big fan of Monmon Cats? Are you fond of having original tattoos created under Japanese style? Come to the State of Grace, and you can find the most incredible body art designs, which are so "Japan" here! Located in historic San Jose Japan Town, one of three Japan...
  • 2

    Humble Beginnings Tattoo

    3.9 (581)
    982 The Alameda, San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 288-6814
    Are you looking for a clean tattoo shop with all equipment being sanitized frequently? Are you interested in having a tattoo but do not know where to worth your time and money? If so, Humble Beginnings Tattoo is absolutely the right choice for you. At Humble Beginnings Tattoo, they clean the...
  • 3

    Marks of Art Tattoo

    3.9 (485)
    3014 Union Ave Ste C, San Jose, CA 95124
    (408) 377-1924
    Located at 3014 Union Ave Ste C, San Jose, California, Marks of Art Tattoo is one of San Jose's oldest professional tattoo studio. Established in 1994, this tattoo shop has been working in this field for over 26 years and bringing perfect tattooing experiences to thousands of customers. They are also known...
  • 4

    Mclady ink

    3.4 (29)
    3111 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California 95127
    (510) 456-5406
    Everybody before getting a tattoo often considers a lot as that piece of body artwork will stay with them permanently. They wonder where is worthy and reliable. They search on the Internet for a studio where provides their ideal styles of tattoo. Deeply understands the needs of clients, Mclady Ink...
  • 5

    Jimmylai Tattoos

    4.1 (74)
    505 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
    (408) 674-2283
    Located at 505 S 10th Street Ste 204, San Jose, California, Jimmylai Tattoos is known as a long-term tattoo studio in this area. With years of experience, you can be assured that the outcome of your tattoo is nothing but the best. The artists here are fantastic; they are professional, creative,...
  • 6

    Soul Imagez Tattoo

    4.1 (478)
    2298 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, United States
    (408) 856-5221
    You want to have a tattoo but not a dramatic one, don't you? You are looking forward to having a gentle style body artwork that comes from the soul and helps to show yourself as a very romantic and delicate person, aren't you? Well, you should come to Soul Imagez...
  • 7

    El Toro Body Shop- Body Piercing & Tattoo Studio

    4.1 (267)
    17400 Monterey Rd #2d, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, United States
    (408) 778-5444
    Are you looking for a perennial body art shop for your first or next tattoos? Do you also need to get some jewelry that perfectly suits your amazing tattoos? EI Toro Body can totally help you with that! With a combined 35 years in tattooing experience and 17 years in body...
  • 8

    Body Exotic

    3.7 (276)
    957 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126, United States
    (408) 993-9684
    Located at 957 W San Carlos Street, San Jose, California, Body Exotic is known for its state-of-the-art body modifications performed by their friendly and knowledgeable staff in a comfortable and relaxed environment. With the standard for cleanliness and sterilization in the industry, Body Exotic is the only one to be awarded...
  • 9

    Elix Tattoo

    3.9 (128)
    763 E Julian St, San Jose, California 95112
    (408) 230-4864
    People often think that tattoo is simply a picture that is drawn and painted on human skin with inks and metal tools by tattooists. They are totally wrong! A tattoo without a soul and meaning cannot be perfect. It is just a senseless painting. However, things are different here in...
  • 10

    Illusions Cal Tattoo

    3.7 (74)
    265 Meridian Ave #9, San Jose, CA 95126, United States
    (408) 298-2111
    Some people see having a tattoo as a cool way to show their one-of-a-kind characteristics. Some others think that it is the best way to cover their unexpected scars. Cover your car and be different at the same time, why not? Come to Illusions Cal Tattoo studio (at 1010 Park Ave,...
  • 11

    Sacred Oath Tattoos

    3.9 (117)
    1954 Camden Ave #6, San Jose, California 95124
    (408) 921-7220
    Clean, professional, detailed are the words people use to talk about Sacred Oath Tattoos when they come for the services here. Located in 1954 Camden Ave #6, San Jose, California, this tattoo shop has become popular with its high-quality services. With a great team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable artists, this...
  • 12

    Suspect Ink

    3.7 (18)
    946 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, California 95126
    (808) 670-0849
    Everyone, when they come to a body art shop for their first or next tattoos, suspects about the quality of the services. Lots of worries are rising in them as these tattoos will stay with them permanently, not just several months or years. If you are in the same situation,...
  • 13


    3.6 (37)
    1954 Camden Ave. #6, San Jose, California 95124
    (408) 537-3820
    Are you looking for a good studio for a black and white tattoo? Go straight to Corrupt_408 now, or you will regret it! Corrupt_408 is a small but professional tattoo shop where provides a vast selection of custom black and white tattoos. Located at 1954 Camden Ave, #6, San Jose, California,...
  • 14

    Blue Rose Tattoo

    3.8 (307)
    3146 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127, United States
    (206) 913-8081
    Looking for a real tattoo shop in San Jose? You should not miss Blue Rose Tattoo, located at 3146 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California! At Blue Rose Tattoo, they not only want to finish the works with clients but also hope to build up long-term relationships among friends with them....
  • 15

    Pyramid Tattoo

    3.8 (63)
    7034 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA 95139, United States
    (408) 440-8255
    Located at 7034 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, California, Pyramid Tattoo welcomes walk-ins on a daily basis. Established in 2017, they specialize in all styles and sizes of tattooing. Mark Heredia, the owner of the shop, has been tattooing in the bay area since 1999. His tattoos can accommodate any style...
  • 16

    The Heart & The Anvil

    3.8 (29)
    745 N 13th St, San Jose, California 95112
    (408) 427-4848
    Almost people, when choosing a tattoo studio for themselves, the top elements they care about are the experience and reputation of the shop. With over 10 years working in the tattooing field, The Heart & The Anvil has been giving thousands of customers the highest satisfaction after getting inked products. The...