Top 12 Best Massage Services In San Jose, California

Latest updated: Aug 21, 2020

What do you often do to relax after a long tiring week of work? Do you ever get a backache or feel sore when you sit in the office all day? Do you usually feel stressed or do you manage to find a balance for a healthy life? A revitalising massage is a sure fire way to soothe out all the woes, aches, and pains. Try out the following spas with their best massage services in San Jose, California.

  • 1

    Rose Garden Massage

    255 N Market St Suite #290, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
    (408) 509-1098 Visit Website

    Have you ever heard of Rose Garden Massage? We’re pretty sure you have. Located in the heart of downtown Santa Clara, San Jose, Rose Garden Massage is rated as a 4-star massage spa which has attracted the attention and interest of a wide range of customers, even the fastidious ones.

    Customer feedback from Google Reviews:

    “I found this place while browsing Groupon, they had a pretty great deal and after checking reviews on yelp, I thought I'd give them a try. Couple years later, I still come here to get my massage. And the other great thing, they continue to honor the rate I got it for originally.” Kai. D

    “Bought a 60 minute couples massage on groupon for my boyfriend and I. We were seen by Maria and Enrique. They were amazing! It was our first time here and we'll definitely be back. Maria was great, she really worked on all my knots. I wish I bought the 90 minute session but we had a great experience!” Jennifer C.

  • 986 The Alameda, San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 816-8641 Visit Website

    Unlike other spas, Mon Siam Traditional Thai Massage only offers you an amazing healing Thai massage at this spa. You no longer need to travel to Thailand to experience this famous kind of massage. Come find us just outside the centre of downtown San Jose on The Alameda. We are unique. You will see our differences to other spas by picking up the phone, reaching us and booking an appointment. We are here not only to bring you great relaxation but also to help you improve your health, especially for those who have back or muscle pain. We believe that our experienced therapists will satisfy you to the core.

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    Day Dream Therapy

    1225 Park Ave, San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 293-6520 Visit Website

    Our customers’ health and well-being are our first priorities. Day Dream Therapy is not a normal spa. We really care about your health both physically and mentally. Our approach is preventative care for our customers’ health. We not only help you reduce pain, relieve stress but also guide and inform you on how to prevent future injuries. There is a variety of massages that you are advised to get such as Bodywork Therapy; Near, Mid and Far Infrared Sauna, Steam Sauna and Hydro Massage. We are also proud of our skilled, fully trained, and reliable therapists who have 10 to 17 years of experience in injury management, prenatal massage, general relaxation, stretching and mobilization. Come with us now and enjoy these amazing relaxing moments.

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    Pairin Thai Massage

    265 Meridian Ave, # 3, San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 564-6589 Visit Website

    Established in 2014, Pairin Thai massage has nearly 6 years of experience with a variety of massage styles such as “Deep Tissue", “western-style”, "relaxing Swedish", & "Prenatal massage". Visit us and you will be welcomed to a traditional Thai environment with furniture, fabric, and artwork all imported from Thai. Come to us and you will feel rejuvenated in a serene environment. Come to us and you will be massaged by trained and licensed practitioners. Additionally, we’re able to customize your therapy treatment. We make you special!

    Some customers have shared their experiences as below:

    “I have a special fondness for Pairin Thai Massage. It is without equal in my opinion--- and I've been to many massage places throughout our life living in the Buena Vista - Auzerais neighborhood. If you need proof of my enduring loyalty to this massage place, I'm a repeat purchaser of their package.” L.L.

    “Massage is good. The building overall looks like a motel...but it turns out very cozy inside. End up buying a package! Can't wait to try something else next time.” Vanni N.

  • 5

    Longevity Foot Spa

    1145 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129
    (408) 446-4996 Visit Website

    With the combination of a professional massage service, a cozy and tranquil atmosphere, well-trained and friendly staff, and a competitive price, Longevity Foot Spa is well-deserved of the satisfaction and praises it receives from its many customers.

    Some customers’ thoughts:

    “ Excellent very consistant in the massage
    Great cost and convienient” Jc M.

    “ There's a ton of foot spas in the area, and Longevity is my favorite! You can't beat a $20 for a foot massage with $5 - 15 tip depending on how awesome it was. While there are private massage rooms, I prefer the common area where there are 6 - 8 chairs. You'd think it'd be noisy but they do an amazing job at keeping a peaceful atmosphere -- everyone whispers & the soothing spa music helps.”

  • 2160 The Alameda, San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 985-1544 Visit Website

    Are you looking for reinvigoration of mind, body and soul? Join us now. We bring you sublime, peaceful moments and your job is just to lie down on the comfortable mattress whilst enjoying our valuable massage services. With a reasonable price, and passionate and skilled therapists, TrioSpa has earned lots of praises and positive reviews from its clients.

    “I have always had a wonderful bodywork session at TrioSpa. My first therapist help me work out the knots in my IT band of my left leg. Two sessions and the tension and tightness was gone.” Wayland Q.

    “I've been going here for 6 years. This place was the first place I got a massage and loved it ever since. I've been to other places but never enjoyed it as much as here. I've always enjoyed the massages I've received from the different massage therapists.” Kelly N.

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    Motif Spa

    4980 Cherry Ave, San Jose, California 95118
    (408) 267-8860 Visit Website

    If you’re too shy to take off your clothes for therapeutic massage, don’t worry, we understand you. Motif Spa is a foot and full body massage which allows you to keep your clothes on. We always listen to you and optimize your experience for your comfort and convenience. That is also the reason why walk-ins are allowed in our spa. If you go to the spa for the first time, don’t worry, our menu is not complicated. We have 30-min foot massages, 60-min foot and body massages, and 30- 60 min traditional table massages. Take a warm foot soak while your head, neck and shoulders are massaged by our certified therapists in a clean and fragrant room. For only $12 for a 30 min foot massage and a 60 min foot and body massage just costing you about $20, Motif Spa is certainly affordable. Table massages are just $25 for 60 minutes. Tips are customary but up to your discretion. Join us now and see the difference.

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    Los Gatos Massage Clinic

    15445 Los Gatos Blvd., San Jose, California 95032
    (408) 603-4353 Visit Website

    When it comes to pain relief, sports injuries and posture restoration, Los Gatos Massage clinic is regarded as an expert in the field. Our specialists are well-trained and educated with over 10 years experience in Deep Tissue, Sports, Clinical and Neuromuscular Massage therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, Myofascial Release, Functional Range Release for the neck and spine, FMS, PNF stretching, Cupping Therapy, and RockTape. Our each and every customer is treated in a unique way. Join us to feel the difference!

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    Touch of Serenity

    1174 Lincoln Ave Ste 4, San Jose, California 95125
    (408) 394-4318 Visit Website

    Touch of Serenity - the name says it all. We offer you a tranquil heaven of peace and serenity with professional massage services that you have to try at least once. With the combination of Eastern and Western modalities and with a good blend of different techniques: hot stones, cupping, deep tissue..., all of your stress and pain will be washed away, leaving you with just sweet contentment.

    Some of our beloved customers have shared their reviews as below:

    “Such a healing experience!!! Hella good vibes. I'm so grateful I went to see Sarah. I was nervous because I have old sports injuries and have had many negative experiences with massage therapists. Sarah was perfect! She followed exactly what I asked. She checked in with me to make sure the pressure was comfortable. I loved every second of it!”

    “ I saw Sarah in Santa Cruz and her massage was amazing. She is gifted with a strong and intuitive touch and adds many creative flairs to her sessions: hot stones, CBD oils, cupping, and stretches. Definitely worth checking out!” Amber.W

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    Massage Active

    1520 Parkmoor Ave, Ste A, San Jose, California 95128
    (408) 247-1169 Visit Website

    We care about you. We care about the stresses, aches, and pains that you are going through. As an experienced therapist with a long history in the profession, Robert Vignoli- the owner of Massage Active clinic – has a thorough understanding of clients’ pain due to injury. Our ultimate treatment goal is not finding a temporary solution to alleviate your pain, as we are always trying our best to find out the root cause of symptoms that our clients have. We offer the most suitable treatment and corrective exercise for each and every customer.
    Below is our client’s feedback:

    “I was in intense pain! Could not even lift my shoulder. Robert got me in quickly and worked wonders! I'm a former athlete who was trying to get back into working out again. An old injury cropped back up and shut my plans down. But Robert was highly knowledge, informative, and an incredible therapist. He quickly identified the issue and went to work. As a woman having an evening appointment with a new therapist, I felt completely safe. Robert was 100% professional. I would highly recommend. He evens gave me exercises to do at home. Don't hesitate, Robert is super experienced and will get you take care of” Erica W.

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    Performance Bodywork

    3315 Almaden Expy, Ste 29, San Jose, California 95118
    (408) 478-5788 Visit Website

    A tiring and stressful day of working will fade away when you come to Performance Bodywork. With all of the most advanced and up-to-date massage techniques and well-trained therapists, we bring you all revitalization and relaxation you expect. Specifically, we focus on therapeutic bodywork, helping you reduce all your chronic pains and tensions. You deserve it!

  • 5754 santa teresa blvd , san jose , California , 95123 , united states
    (408) 229-2158 Visit Website

    Our specialty is alleviating the tremendous amount of pain which can build up in backs, wrists, elbows and shoulders usually because of long periods of time sitting at work. Aside from that, we provide a Tuina massage service, which is suitable for the elderly and infants. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the best awesome massage moment ever! Follow us right now!

    Positive reviews are also shared on the website:

    “Weekly tuina treatments saved me from spinal fusion surgery and I am back to an active lifestyle. I will not trust the health of my back to anyone other than the staff at Back n Balance. A tranquil and comfortable environment & open 10am-10pm every day. This place is my primary health regimen”