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Diet is the key. Sometimes you just need to find the diet that works for you, bc everyone is different, I use the carb cycle method of dieting bc it gives the quickest results and seeing quick results motivates you to keep going. What carb cycling does is confuse your hypothalamus which is responsible for your Metabolism, so when it's confused, it speeds up causing you to burn fat at a more effective manner. It's basically playing with your daily carb intake. The program is good for 12 weeks and I'll ask for progress pics every 2 weeks and tweak the diet if I need to free of charge. And most important I am here for the duration of the plan answering any questions and concerns. 12 WEEK CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN & CARB CYCLE- $50.00 12 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN- $50.00 12 WEEK CUSTOMIZED MEAL/WORKOUT PLAN (BEST OFFER)- $75.00 It includes: Personalized carb cycling meal plan - Based on your macros and your goals Supplement and grocery list - To interchange foods if you get bored 6 weight training phases - A new phase rotated every 2 weeks to keep your body on its toes At home workouts if you do not have a gym membership ( 2 phases ) Ab ripper program - Designed to shred your mid section. Workout video library with all exercises explained 10+ pages of nutritional tips and ways to stay shredded all year around You will also receive my personal phone number for constant 1 on 1 support! If you have any questions feel free to ask! To start: Sign up on my website

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