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This page is to help everyone familiarize them self's with our family's love for pets, pet ventures and services.
Our first pet was a Siberian Husky named Lobo who became part of the family the Christmas of 1995 just about 21 years ago. He was the best thing that had ever happened to my sister and I, after all who wouldn't love a friend to play, cuddle and protect you everyday. He even saved us from some old school "spankins" getting in between us and our dad. Our true knight in shining armore! When we got older we noticed that Lobo needed a friend to play with while we were at school so we put our cute faces on and asked. Soon after Lobo met Preciosa his new friend and future girlfriend. From their we slowly went from two goerguos huskies to four huskies, 8 parakeets, two guinea pigs and one green iguana! Now the two culprits behind all the family pets are to this day my loving siblings, Tita and Gabriel. They had to keep a puppy from Preciosa's litters and ask for new pets everytime we went to the mall or flea market. Of course my parents wanting to give us anything we ever asked for gave in only after the "It is your pet and you are responsible for them" talk. We have come a long way since then and have a long way to go. I am now 26 with my own one year old and one on the way. My brother is 20 and stationed in Germany with the Army and couldn't take his friends with him. Sooo who gets the priviledge of caring for our extended family members? None other than our parents the hardworking and passionate Jose and Monica Caraballo :) ! Our young female dogs have a litter once a year until they retire and become farm supervisors. Our goats breed like rabbits and have babies all the time it seems just like the chickens who always have chicks running around. All of our dogs get thier yearly check ups, shots, vitamins and healthy diets. Our livestock get dewormed on a quarterly basis and given their dose of vitamins to keep them strong and healthy. We are always here to answer any questions you may have, help with most of your family pet needs or just chat about how your family additions are doing. Our numbers are 8134784745, 8136501421 or 8137643948.

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