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Tamara Renee an Author, Speaker, and a Beauty & Health Strategist for over a quarter century. Her talent and calling has been in transforming the way her clients think and feel about their body and mind by providing innovative DNA based diets, advanced nutrition and lifestyle techniques and medical aesthetic treatments.

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Jordan Mendoza
. 11 months ago
I have been seeing Tamra for over a year. Not only are the results wonderful, but she is an absolute joy to be around. Her lively personality and extensive knowledge in her filed of practice make every thing seem natural. It is a worth while investment, and she comes HIGHLY recommended from me. I have taken 4 inches off my waist. I never thought I could have the shape I do now. I did the fascia blasting and cellulite smoothing. I noticed a big difference in my trouble areas; my legs and my love handles. We topped everything off with the skin smoothing treatment and I am so pleased!
Irena Veteska
. a year ago
Tamara is a beauty, health and fitness genius. I’ve been doing her FaaciaBlasting and SKinFIRM treatments regularly and my cellulite is almost nonexistent now. My skin on my entire body has never looked better. I’m firmer, smoother and slimmer and I really have to thank Tamara and the BodyLab for that. She also gives fantastic advice that motivates and inspires you but most importantly she helps you fall in love with yourself and how you look, which is an amazing feeling.
Adam Raby
. a year ago
After struggling with getting back to my ideal weight and trying the keto diet I reached out to Tanara Renee Bodykab. Taking their BuffaFLOW DNA Method. All I can say is the Power is in the details. I now know what my body needs to be optimized. Losing 18 pounds of fat in 7 weeks. Lowering my body fat percentage 15 points. No more crazy diets that were not sustainable. With a healthy body I'm now seeing changes in other areas of my life. Th BuffaFLOW DNA Method is a game changer, putting the power back in my hands. Thank you Tamara Renee and Bodylab!
Steven McGill
. 2 years ago
I was referred to Tamara Renee at Bodylab by a female friend to address issues with my "love handles." Between her infrared sauna and facia blasting my "love handle" area is remarkably improved in a very short amount of time. The Bodylab gals really know their business. I highly recommend their services.
Ms M M
. a year ago
I got ride of my CELLULITE!!! At first I thought Tamara of Bodylab La Jolla was just exaggerating about how she was erasing cellulite from ladies legs each and every day. Well, with a lot of skepticism I went ahead and scheduled an appointment. I did the Smooth & Sculpt “Ultra,” it includes FasciaBlasting, Endermologie for my lymph and the Infrared Sauna, wow what a trio! After three treatments I was truly impressed and thoroughly delighted. Tamara did say I had good tissue to start with and that is why I responded so quickly. The Bodylab Gals are truly body sculptors and smoothers! This is money well spent!

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