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Suavecito Pomade

Suavecito Pomade

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Pomades, Men's Hair & Shave, Cosmetics & Beauty, Barber Supply
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It started with one simple idea; to create a pomade that did it’s job and was easily obtainable to anyone that needed it. In a small house’s kitchen, a couple of friends and family got together to create a pomade that could be used between them for their nights out on the town. A formula was perfected and then a scent was found. The pomade was used daily between them with amazing results. Local barbers started to catch on asking what they were using in their hair. From there the pomade left the small circle of friends and family and made it’s way in zip lock baggies and tupperware to these barbers. They were eager to get their hands on it. A name was given and then a logo was devised. It was no longer a secret anymore and Suavecito Pomade was born.

From there the journey started and the founders of Suavecito Pomade begun taking their pomade on the road. From car shows to barbershops to tattoo expos they were eager to share their treasure with everyone. It quickly grew attention and no matter where they were people started to flock to them. They then saw interest popping up everywhere around the country and also internationally. As demand increased the Suavecito range quickly expanded to include more grooming products with the same goal in mind - quality without a high price.

Today, Suavecito Pomade now has a full team of employees keeping the Suavecito machine working at 110%. Now with well over 100 products in the catalog, an incredible staff of loyal friends and family, a women’s line, a full clothing line and support from all over the world, Suavecito has grown to new heights. It has been an amazing journey starting out of a small kitchen to a facility housing a full warehouse and team. Suavecito Pomade is proud to say they have gained their popularity through supporting the barber trade and in turn having the backs of many barbers and loyal fans. We do this to support the culture and for you.

Gone are the days of purchasing a hair styling product that costs more than a haircut cost. These products are straightforward without any gimmicks. They just work. From grooming products such as hair pomades, beard oils and shaving creams to combs and professional grade barbering products to merchandise and apparel, Suavecito Pomade has always got you covered!
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2831 West 1st Street, Santa Ana, California 92703

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