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You're obviously on this page because you are sick of renting and paying off someone else's mortgage aren't you? And you have no idea where to start? Perfect! Here is how we can help. Here at SRP, I'm here to help you achieve every Australian's dream of owning their own home sooner rather than later. Let's put that $15,000 you or your family waste on rent every year, into your own home. With years of experience under my belt, and helping countless West Australian's into a new home, i am here to help you understand and guide you through the process that goes with building a new home. And is all starts with seeing where you stand financially! Have you already looked at designs you love? Or thinking of where you'd love to live? That's great. But i bet you aren't sure of whether the banks will lend you a loan? or you've done an online form that spits out a number? Don't do any of that until you have spoken with me. With many low to zero deposit loans out there, i can let you know whether or not you qualify in 2 quick minutes. If you don't like picking up the phone or you are on the shy side that's fine. PM me for a finance health check and i'll get back to you with your options. PM or call me at anytime and let's put your hard earned money into your own pocket. And it starts right here. Choose one of the following 0475 311 622 OR Private Message me Shawn Waugh Senior House & Land Building Specialist

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