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Floating can benefit anyone! We have two Float Pods. Each pod is housed in its own private room complete with a private shower, so the experience is 100% yours. The power of floatation is useful for both mental and physical health, but also provides rest and restoration you've never before experienced.If you're looking for a place of solace to escape the noise of the world, relief from pain, or seeking faster physical recovery, call for an appointment for your first float.The Float Pods provide a unique and precise environment that effortlessly supports your body in 900 lbs. of Epsom salt and skin temperature water. Uninterrupted by light, sound, and sense of touch and gravity, the Float Pods help remove distractions and stresses, and facilitates deep relaxation for the mind and body.Our facility also offers massage, body scrubs, facials, and waxing services! Each service is done by a licensed professional and any service can be modified to meet your needs! Call us to book an appointment today!

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