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Applications can be requested by emailing smidgetrescue@hotmail.comSmidget Rescue specializes in finding homes for small dogs under 25 pounds. You know, "Super Midgets!" Smidget Rescue is a small organization with one founder and several volunteers. We do not have a facility and are a foster based rescue. We are closed on Mondays.Our dogs come from high kill shelters in California, Eastern Washington and locally. They are the homeless and forgotten dogs. Great dogs with fabulous personalities, but they would never have a chance at a home in a shelter. We are overjoyed to bring them here to find their forever families! We pride ourselves on making perfect matches for our families and our dogs. We don't do same day adoptions because we feel that both the dog and the family have to be cohesive. That comes with talking to references, talking to your vet, meeting the residents in the home, both human and animal alike, while doing a home visit. We want our dogs to be happy in their new homes and our adoption process allows that. While you can't take one of our dogs home the day you meet them, we promise, it will be worth the wait!Our process is simple, but sometimes takes a few days. If you are interested in a certain dog, please contact me for an initial phone interview to deem suitability.After that we can set up a meet and greet and I ask you to fill out an adoption application. Adoption applications do not bind you to a dog or our rescue. They just answer some simple questions such as "do you have a fenced yard" and lists your references.A meet and greet is usually done at a local dog park, at the foster home or at your home. We ask that you bring all the members of the family that will live with the dog, including other dog siblings. We want to see how you interact with the dog as well as how his potential dog siblings manage the new family member. This usually takes about an hour.After the meet and greet, if you would like to adopt the dog, I will call your references. If your references check out, we will ask to do a home visit. During the home visit, we check out the yard and where the dog will live. We might make suggestions to help the dog transition better. We usually bring the dog to the site check and if all works out, will leave them with you that day.At the home check, you will fill out the adoption contract that is required to adopt one of our dogs. You will also be asked to pay the adoption fee.It is very important that our dogs get a happy forever home, so trial periods are sometimes granted. If for any reason the dog is not working out in your home, we are happy to take it back into rescue. However, the adoption fee and any costs that you have incurred during the ownership of the dog are not refunded. If you would like to adopt a new friend, please contact me at to request an adoption application and start the process!Come and join the Smidget Rescue family and see how adopting a small dog will change your life forever! Once you go small, you never go back!

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