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Medically supervised weight loss, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, IPL Photo Facial, laser skin resurfacing, Botox and Juvederm filler, body sculpting, non-surgical and pain-free facelift, non-surgical and pain free cellulite removal, non-surgical and pain-free fat removal.
Established in 1999.

Skinny Beach was founded in 1999 as "Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic (TRLC)", located in Clairemont San Diego. Establishing itself as a national leader in the art of laser tattoo removal, TRLC expanded its service lines in 2016 due to the growing demand for safe, ethical and effective non-surgical aesthetic treatments at reasonable prices.

Meet the business owner:
Already a successful entrepreneur, Amanda's story begins as an accomplished real estate professional, then CFO and cofounder of a healthcare staffing business located in East Village. Always organized and on-top, yet nothing quite prepared her for the challenges of being a new mom. "Getting your body and skin back after having a baby is something that every woman goes through-it stresses you out"..."I wanted to make it easier, more affordable, and the technology now exists that helps you do just that, without downtime and the risks of surgery." The problem is, these types of services are overpriced in San Diego and unattainable to most people. That's why she started Skinny Beach with the help of her husband, Jennings Staley, a CA-licensed physician. "Who doesn't want to lose 20-30 pounds safely in a short amount of time, or have cellulite removed painlessly while laying on a sofa looking out over the ocean?" Now everyone can enjoy these services, not just celebrities.

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