Senate Fitness
Senate is a co-op of fitness centers located around the world.
Turn your local gym into a global gym.
The co-op was designed to empower, embolden and connect a global community of independent gym and studio owners looking to grow their business and earn member loyalty by providing unparalleled access to premier fitness facilities around the world. Senate members can join the program and have immediate access to facilities that align with all their fitness goals, and business owners reap the financial benefits of signing more members into the network.

A senate is a deliberative assembly, often the upper house or chamber of a bicameral legislature or parliament. The name comes from the ancient Roman Senate (Latin: Senatus), so-called as an assembly of the senior (Latin: senex meaning "the elder" or "old man") and therefore allegedly wiser and more experienced members of the society or ruling class. Thus, the literal meaning of the word "senate" is Assembly of Elders. Many countries have an assembly named a senate, composed of senators who may be elected, appointed, have inherited the title, or gained membership by other methods, depending on the country. Modern senates typically serve to provide a chamber of "sober second thought" to consider legislation passed by a lower house, whose members are usually elected. Wikipedia
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