Sebago Lake Anglers Association

What is Sebago Lake Angler Association?A fishing Club—a group of like-minded men and women who are passing on the tradition of sport fishing to the next generation of outdoors men and women through the exchange of ideas, experiences, fishing access, techniques, and State of Maine rules and regulations. Youth Activities—sponsoring and conducting youth oriented events such as “Hooked on Fishing” derbies and Scouting activitiesEnvironmental Issues—advocating for the protection of Class AA waters such as Crooked River to protect the unique strain of landlocked salmon inhabiting Sebago Lake as well as other environmental impact issues such as the threat of tar sands pipelines and the general fisheries biology of area waterways.Support the Maine State Inland Fisheries and Wildlife efforts as well as those of Portland Water District and Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation to protect the fisheries resources through such activities as supplemental smelt and salmon egg seeding in area lakes and rivers, participating in focus groups targeting specific actions or problem areas and providing feedback on Department rule making and actions.

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