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From the very beginning, R.M. Palmer Co. has been the leader in seasonal chocolate novelties. Richard M. Palmer, Sr. emphasized innovation when he started the business in 1948 - innovation in product design as well as in manufacturing methods. Palmer's dream was - and still is our guiding vision - to delight the public with contemporary products of unique design and with striking, full color packaging.

Palmer's superb chocolate novelties are offered for your enjoyment during traditional holiday seasons. Easter was picked as the first "Palmer Holiday", and then Christmas and Valentine's Day were selected. And, most recently, imaginative items from Palmer help celebrate Halloween.

Palmer received patents on the original Easter items which caught the imagination of consumers everywhere. These innovative concepts were actually caricatures in chocolate - not merely sitting and/or standing "Peter Rabbits". The new "Palmer Personalities" added both interest and action. Personalities such as "Baby Binks", "Timid Timmy", "Flopsy" and "Wooly Willy" were introduced for Easter of 1948.

Even today these items are still top sellers. Palmer continues to capture the hearts of American families on these holidays with newly created caricatures.

Today, Palmer Products are far and away the leading seasonal novelty candies - not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.

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