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Welcome to the home of the finest berries in this part of Arkansas, Renee's Berry Garden! Our U-Pick farm is located in the scenic, rolling hills of the Arkansas River Valley just outside the city limits of London. Our season usually runs from late May through the first week in July--if you've never experienced a blueberry straight off the bush, you need to pay us a visit. Renee's Berry Garden is a pick-your-own farm, operated by the Ford Family and open to the public since 1996. Ours is a holistic approach to farming; we believe the soil is a complex, living organism and not simply a sponge-like repository for fertilizers. You'll find no pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our farm. We're dedicated to providing you with great tasting fruit and a real farm experience. Customers tell us that we have the best blueberries they have ever tasted--come see for yourself!

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