RedNation of the Cherokee

RedNation of the Cherokee is about the gathering of the people of all Nations with the tribal blood and the calling of our ancestors
RedNation of the Cherokee welcomes blood of all Nations. Understand that we do not make all people Cherokee. We accept all Native blood. We do not measure blood by percentage. We follow by the ways of our ancestors of what you show is in your heart for these are the days for the gathering of the people and the seventh generation spoken of by our elders.

Feel free to share pictures, poems, art (all things Native) or postings of events related to our culture and heritage. Furthermore, your input of true wisdom past down from your elders may be shared and passed on through this group.

Understand that there are many groups and/or people that use the RedNation name as part of their group. We are RedNation of the Cherokee, Inc.(trademarked and established in 1997) furthermore, RedNation of the Cherokee (established 2014 on Facebook). Any other site besides these entities are not affiliated in any way with the way of our people or the truth. Anyone using RedNation as part of their logo or business name can be legally held accountable.

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