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Launched by founder Arthur Kelly the day before the landing of Sandy in anticipation of the impending disaster. As a current Florida resident and life long NJ native, Arthur formed the Facebook effort from 1,200 miles away using the distance from the epicenter to his advantage. By being outside the affected area, Arthur was able to provide real time and constant information following the storm. While many were without power and connection to the outside world, some still had cell phones. Through this connection, they were able to use Rebuild Seaside as a method to keep up to date with the latest news and get the needed resources delivered to their phone in their time of most need. This effort, which began as a portal for information and connection has transformed over the months as we have changed our focus to the needs that mattered most at the time. I have now decided to focus on the long term objectives to assist the community directly. As residents attempt to rebuild their homes and move back or businesses attempt to get back to where they were pre-Sandy, we are going to be there to provide the support needed to meet those goals. We have received full 501(c)3 status and become a recognized charity. We will continue to apply for local, state and federal funding to provide the necessary resources to the community directly without the need of governmental red tape. Our mission will now focus on homelessness issues and those families affected by disaster.

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