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Real Estate Listing Machine is founded by Paul Dunn and Bob Mangold. Paul spent more than 20 years as a Mortgage Loan Originator and has owned both retail mortgage companies as well as a wholesale mortgage company that provided wholesale mortgage funding nationwide. As a Mortgage Originator, Paul developed online strategies to dominate his niche as a consumer direct marketer. He was known to bring leads to his real estate agents, and lots of them. Bob was both a Real Estate Agent and a Mortgage Loan Originator. As a Real Estate Agent, Bob mastered specific strategies to create floods of buyer and listing leads. He developed a program that would get, on average, 180 people per day coming into his open houses. Between both Paul and Bob, they have developed many online systems, cloud based software systems, strategic open house systems, Facebook marketing systems, SMS text marketing systems and much more including a few Patents that are pending. Like our page, see the updates and be sure to check out some of the different tools you can use to grow your business.

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