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Founded in 1979, Rockford Construction Services specializes in custom residential and commercial services as well as remodel projects.
Celebrating 35 years in business! RCS Construction was founded in 1979 as Rockford Lumber and served Van Wert and Mercer Counties as a full-service lumberyard. Through the years, the focus changed to construction and today, we are a general contractor for custom and Gallery Homes, remodeling projects and commercial work.

Turnkey Construction RCS takes pride in being the first and best turnkey contractor serving this part of Ohio. Instead of using a “time and material” building method (which can allow budget overruns and uncontrolled scheduling), RCS offers turnkey building for their clients.

Turnkey provides a total package with all details specified. RCS takes care of all aspects of the project.

Turnkey construction also provides a guaranteed price, unless the client makes changes or additions to the project. Even then, RCS will advise any budget changes so the client has no surprises.

RCS has the capacity and resources to handle multiple and varied jobs in both residential and commercial work. In-house designing, estimating and scheduling keeps jobs on track and handled completely with the customer in mind. RCS leads the building industry in their procedures and approach to detail.

Our sales area includes Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana. Building sites are located north as far as Paulding and south to Tipp City.

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