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The Purple Martin Conservation Association is the largest conservation organization devoted to Purple Martins, with over thirty years leading research projects that study and protect the species. PMCA members are part of a dedicated community of individuals who realize the future of the Purple Martin is in our hands.The PMCA has been banding Purple Martins since 1987, providing an extensive database for further study. In addition, we have been involved with state-of-the-art research using geolocator and GPS data-loggers to collect invaluable information on migratory pathways. Our biologists also design and test products that allow people to become successful landlords.Become a member today and you will receive our quarterly magazine, The Purple Martin Update. The 32-page magazine is a valuable resource that features diverse articles on Purple Martins, martin landlords, research and education projects, conservation issues, and practical information that you can apply to your own colony.As a member, you also receive discounts on every purchase you make on our website www.purplemartin.org or from our catalog, the Martin Market Place®. You will find everything new or seasoned martin landlords need: gourds, houses, poles, attraction tools, great martin gifts, and much more. Proceeds go towards our continuing education and research.In addition, members have a unique opportunity to participate in exciting citizen-science projects by reporting your colony's first arrival to be part of our Scout-Arrival Study or by submitting your nesting data to contribute to our invaluable Project MartinWatch. Want to get involved online? We invite you to join over 83,000 fellow martin friends on this Facebook page or participate in our online Forum where over 3,000 members gather to ask and answer martin questions. Giving a martin presentation? We have martin educational packets available to distribute in classrooms or at lectures.As you can see, there are many exciting things happening at the PMCA and many ways to get involved. We invite you to join our community! Visit www.purplemartin.org to become a member today! Together we can work to "ensure the future of Purple Martins."The Purple Martin Conservation Association is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization headquartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (USA).

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