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Testimonials"I stopped wearing deodorant about 7 years ago when I realized the toxic nature of most conventional products. Something in them used to stain our white shirts yellow in the armpits. Who knows what it would do to our bodies. I did find some healthier alternatives but none seemed to do the job so I just stopped wearing them and my husband complained that none kept the odor at bay. He would sneak in some aluminum containing products and I would find them and throw them in the trash so he eventually gave up.I was fine without wearing it but my workout partners would complain on occasion. When Amy (then coach at my gym) and dear friend came to me with a “deodorant” she made at home I decided to give it a try. Amy is extremely knowledgeable in both health and nutrition—I knew we could trust it. I first gave it to my husband to try one evening. I forgot about it and when I got home the following evening he met me in the garage and exclaimed “where did you get that deodorant?” “Amy made it” I replied, “from all healthy, natural and organic ingredients, why?” “That’s the best stuff I ever used, I gave it the old sniff test around noon and again at the end of the day and nothing—no odor— amazing. Get me more”. Aaah, peace on the homefront.I then started using so my workout partners wouldn’t complain—another problem solved. Amy came up with the very cool and appropriate name. . . “Pit Paste”. It was an immediate hit in our gym. My husband and I will use nothing else.Rick & Paula Jager, CrossFit Jaguar, Tampa, FL______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I am loving my lavender scented Primal Pit Paste! I have tested it while teaching HOT flow, practicing Power Yoga, taking Barre classes and chasing after two toddlers. It works great Thank you for creating a deodorant that I know is non harming, smells nice and I feel confident using!Chay Prieto, Bella Prana Yoga Instructor, Tampa, FL___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Primal Pit Paste works better than any other natural deodorants I have tried. It lasts a full 24 hours ( or more) and it has some antiperspirant properties. By far, the best natural deodorant I have tried and no toxic chemicals.Kelley Stefancik, Nurse Practioner, Severna Park, MD___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hey! LOVE the Pit Paste! Had my son use it yesterday when we went to a friend's house where all the boys were playing and getting sweaty and gross. When we got in the car to go home, we couldn't smell him at all! THAT was amazing! lol!I know it sounds silly but this is such a load off me. My son and I both were getting a little annoyed with the baking soda and half the time he would forget to use it because it was so annoying. lol. So, my husband just had a conversation with me the other day about getting our son some real deodorant, which I did NOT really want to do, so I was going to have to find some solution that worked but didn't involve nasty chemicals. Thank you for making this and selling it!! Cause I would never take the time to make it on my own. I used it on myself too and LOVE it, but want my own jar of Lavendar. Also, I have two other people who want lavendar besides me. So, Monday (or whatever day you're bringing more) I need 3 jars.Christy Saffold Freeman, Tampa, FL

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