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Clear, healthy skin is just 3 steps away. Introducing the Positively Clear 3-Step Acne Skincare Solution – the one and only dermatologist recommended acne-blasting treatment that combines bacteria-fighting blue light therapy with potent skincare to treat acne more effectively than traditional acne treatments alone. This easy 3-step fix treats all 4 causes of acne to reveal glowing, flawless-looking skin. Cleanse. Treat. Target. And say goodbye to acne. Positively Clear’s Terms of Use The Positively Clear page on [Facebook] is intended to be an educational and collaborative community where fans can learn and share advice about the Positively Clear brand and products. Fans are encouraged to share their comments, however, the comments and opinions posted on this page do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, strategies or positions of Positively Clear. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or validity of the comments shared by Positively Clear Fans. Also, from time to time, this page provides links to external websites. It’s important to note that Positively Clear does not endorse these sites, but includes them as a resource for your convenience. • Community Do’s and Don’ts: We ask that all Tria Beauty fans adhere to Facebook’s Terms of Use. Please note that Positively Clear reserves the right to remove materials without notice that are: o Obscene, defamatory, profane, abusive, harassing, disparaging, hateful or threatening o False, deceptive or misleading o Condoning or promoting illegal activity o Irrelevant or off-topic o Spam or material that links to advertisements o Intended to cause technical disruptions to this page o In violation of local, state, federal or international laws o Duplicate versions of the same message By following these guidelines you’re doing your part to make sure every Positively Clear fan feel like a welcome part of this community. Thank you! Where legally permissible, for any content that you submit on the Positively Clear’s Facebook Page, you specifically give Positively Clear a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide perpetual license to use, copy, modify, delete, adapt, publish, translate, sell or distribute such submitted content, without further approval by you or compensation from Positively Clear. By submitting this content, you represent that you own all rights and title to the submitted content and that the submitted content does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to idea misappropriation; infringement of copyright, title, slogan or other property rights, and that the submitted content does not; libel, slander, defame, or disparage any third party or contain the unauthorized use of name or likeness of any person or entity.

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