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Police Supporter is dedicated to the men & women of law enforcement. We recognize that these hard-working individuals lay their lives on the line each day.
How & Why Police Supporter Was Formed

Ed Nowicki on this end. Let my explain in some detail. My tale began in about 2007 and for seven years I suffered considerable pain. My genetically inherited disease, Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Disease started to aggressively attack my body. This resulted in a serious loss of fine motor skills, in addition to a highly and what you really decreased sensitivity to certain pain. The effects of CMT resulted in having about half of my right index finger and middle finger amputated along with the tip of my right thumb. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, since I’m just explaining what happened.

A severely arthritic right knee seemed to amplify the effects of "CMT" disease. I wish that I did not feel the pain in my knee, but unfortunately, the pain got stronger and stronger. During the past five to seven years or so, I was on time release Morphine, Oxycodone, and Vicodin. On the pain scale of 1 to 10, the best it ever got was a five, as a former Chicago PD narcotics cop, it was against my nature to take any pain medication that was as strong as any of the three mentioned painkillers. But when you're in severe pain, I would have ordered cases of glue, if I saw a medical research stating that glue sniffing would help individuals deal with severe pain.

My original orthopedic surgeon told me that he would not operate on my knee, since I was a poor candidate for an operation. That was three years ago and the pain was quickly accelerating. Finally, I received a second opinion on my knee and that orthopedic surgeon said that he would operate. I was so desperate that I told him that if he could not repair my knee, to amputate my right leg above the knee.

When I went into the hospital, I asked God to please take me. There were few severe complications and I end up being in intensive care for four days. They still kept me for two days in a bed near the intensive care section. Fortunately, I recovered from the knee operation, and my pain from the knee and the CMT just disappeared. Originally, they gave me a few minor painkillers, but I refused to take any painkillers after a few days out of intensive care. I haven't taken any painkillers since I left the hospital.

The doctors can’t explain how my pain disappeared – no one can. I believe that this was a miracle. I don't know if I'm a new man, but I know that I'm a different man in a positive way.

While in the hospital and under sedation, I felt a very spiritual connection with God and He told me that I am receiving a second chance. God told me that He let me live in order for me to do something special. I actually felt the heavens part, the angels sang, and a bright light came down from above. I heard the angels singing, "Hallelujah".

I didn’t know why God gave me an important mission, but He did. I turned on the TV in my hospital room and saw what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Instantly, I knew what God had intended for me. I am now on a mission to do all I can to help the men and women of law enforcement. I significantly researched the Brown case, and I have no doubt that Officer Wilson was 100% reasonable in shooting Michael Brown.

This may sound strange to some of you, but I truly believe that I'm on a mission that was given to me from God. I feel that if I don't show the men and women of law enforcement the support they deserve, who will? I am fully committed to making Police Supporter a strong presence to the silent majority of Americans, Black and White, who strongly support our nation’s law enforcement officers. It's about time that this silence is broken!

We have our Internet site, and a Facebook page in order to maximize exposure to those who use social media. We will also have a twitter account. I am financing this endeavor on my own. I'd like to see if I can get some financial support, but if I don't, I'm still willing to foot the bill- this is that important. Thank you for bearing with my original tale of woe and now my enlightenment. Now, you know the story.

Mission Statement

Police Supporter is dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement. We recognize that police officers serve and protect society and the vast majority of those officers go above and beyond in carrying out their sworn duties.

We understand that the dominant national media seems to live by the mantra, "if it bleeds it leads!" Our goal is to provide an objective reporting of what actually occurred, rather than sensationalizing a small segment of what occurred in order to drive their ratings up. We will always do our best to report the whole truth.

Our goal is to show you the positive side of law enforcement, which is what happens day in and day out across the nation. Law enforcement officers ensure that people have their constitutional rights, so they could live a life that is free from fear. 99.99% of the time police officers interact with the public in a positive and helpful manner.

Police Supporter is not affiliated with any political party. We are open to have supporters from any religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds. We realize that law enforcement officers seem to take the blame for anything that goes wrong within our society.

Police officers are open to ridicule, since they are out there 24/7 day in and day out. They are an easy target and are often the whipping boy so that the dominant national media can drive their ratings up. Many politicians use them for political fodder.

Somebody has to care about these forgotten heroes. These are men and women who do their best, day in and day out, without any fanfare or accolades. We understand that the vast majority of citizens in our great nation truly appreciate what law enforcement does and how they carry out their sworn duties.

Police supporter supports the entire law enforcement community, including municipal officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, and federal agents. These different law enforcement entities cooperate with each other for the greater good, thus benefiting society.

Is There Police Supporter Membership?

Police Supporter is not a membership driven organization. We are an organization that exists for the sole purpose of letting the men and women in law enforcement know that people care about them.

We will share information about the reporting of real crime incidents in an objective and fair manner, if we see any distortions by the dominant national media.

We are going through to be a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 organization. Our main focus is to pay our bills and to do everything in our power to show our support of the law enforcement community. If you believe in our mission you need to be a part of Police Supporter. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Any additional funds that we raise beyond our expenses will be evenly divided as donations to the national Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association ILEETA. Our monetary support to the NLEOMF has the responsibility of placing the names of officers that died in the line of duty upon the walls of the memorial. They are also building the national law enforcement Museum, which is a very honorable endeavor. We also want to do all we can to enhance the support of the police function with the community.

Our financial support of ILEETA will be used for the purpose of scholarships. These scholarships will allow officers to attend the annual ILEETA to conference, and received enhanced instructor training which will allow these law enforcement trainers to train the officers within his or her law enforcement agency. The scholarships will allow maximum return for any money spent.

Who Should Be Involved?

If you believe that the men and women in law enforcement need to support of the public, then you need to be involved. If you're into cop bashing, Police Supporter is NOT for you. We already have too many cop bashers that come up with perfect solutions to nonexistent problems.

Who Runs Police Supporter?

The volunteer Executive Director of police supporter is Ed Nowicki. Ed has over 45 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and a law enforcement trainer. Ed's Bio is listed on this website. We will develop a group of advisors who will assist Police Supporter in steering the organization in a true path as stated in the Police Supporter Mission Statement.

If you can help us we certainly want your input and hopefully financial support. You can call Ed directly at 262-295-8500. Generally, Ed is available between 10 AM and 10 PM Central Time, Sunday through Saturday. If you leave a message, Ed will return your phone call at the earliest convenience, as long as you leave your name and clearly state your phone number. Or, send an email message to Ed at info@policesupporter.org.

Will There Be Any Logo Items For Sale?

We have “Police Supporter” t-shirts, and we will obtain additional items. We may offer various levels of yearly "Police Supporter" certificates showing your financial support. These will be high quality parchment certificates that are suitable for displaying on your wall.

We are open to suggestions from anybody that's a "Police Supporter.” We are open to do all that we can to show our support for our men and women who protect us from the criminal elements.

What else is planned?

We WILL NOT work with professional fundraisers. Many of these operations are fly-by-night organizations that keep up to 90% of the funds donated. That doesn't mean we won't need assistance from people that are police supporters. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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P.O. Box 1003, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin 53181

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