College Success Arizona

nonprofit organization
4040 E Camelback Rd, Ste 220, Phoenix, Arizona 85018
Rich Nickel President and CEO Marjorie DeRubeis Director of Success Services Brenda Davis Director of Operations Linda Jensen Director of AzCan Greg Hyland Director of Communications & Engagement Anita Wilson Administrative Assistant Myrna Cardenas Senior Success Adviser Angelica Delgadillo Community Outreach/Success Adviser Matthew Sotelo Success Adviser Carlitos Hernandez Success Adviser Robert Davis Success Adviser Elizabeth Parra Intern Junelle Bautista Intern


705 N 1st Street Suite 105, Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Thomas Keenan Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy

Hugos Art

3329 E Monte Vista Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85008
Attention 2 details. Like the excruciating beautiful curve of a lost lover's neck. Art may seem to involve broad strokes, grand schemes. But it is the attention 2 details that stays with us; that singular image is what...

Space 55

1524 N 18th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
A New Space for New Theatre

DUO Design

architectural designer
45 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, Arizona 85003
The word “DUO” is defined as the pairing of two items that are symbiotic, cohesive, and unified. Architecture is the art and science of building. Industrial design is the applied art and applied science of product. DUO Design...

Aperture Design

architectural designer
4700 North 12th Street, Suite 201, Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Focused on sustainable design

FIBC College Students & Young Professionals

1141 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
Used in this Bible to refer to the personal name of God. The Hebrew word for this name is Yahweh, which means "I AM WHO I AM." This name tells us that God is always with his people....

HEROES For Students

2026 N 10th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85006
HEROES is a classroom curriculum supplement and online platform for networking K-12 teachers at low-income schools to role models from the community to apply students' academic content to the real world. Students in low-income schools have limited contact...

Chicano Latino Law Students Association at ASU

nonprofit organization
111 E Taylor St., Phoenix, Arizona 85004
The Chicano Latino Law Students Association was created to improve and advance the status of Hispanics in the social, educational, and legal fields; to promote and encourage the legal education of Hispanic law students; to inform and sensitize...

Jupiter Research, LLC

medical equipment supplier
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
At Jupiter Research, we use revolutionary CCELL Ceramic Technology, rather than the commonly used Ordinary Wick and Coil. In an ordinary atomizer the coil resides on the surface of the wick causing inconsistent heating. Additionally, ordinary wick designs cause...