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Philz Coffee was founded in 2003 by a man named Phil Jaber. Philz Coffee has developed a devoted following and for a good reason. All the blends available at Philz are the result of 25 years of coffee alchemy and invention.

It all started on 24th and Folsom in San Francisco, where Phil himself has been for almost 35 years where it was once a grocery store. Phil grew up with a welcoming, friendly, hospitable personality and always wanted to make sure everyone is happy and united; to this day he treats everyone alike.

Phil has passionately been into coffee all his life and always experimented with different types of beans from around the world. Phil was never into single origin beans; he believes in blends and combining coffees from around the world from two to as many seven different beans to make unique complex blends.

While it was a grocery store Phil used to make his own coffee using several different methods, i.e. Espresso, French press, drip, etc. Phil did not really believe in machines and always like to make everything by hand. He was introduced to the drip station and believed in it because it required no machines and it made his blends come out the best. Everything he made from then on was “one cup at a time”.

Phil used to let some of his customers at the grocery store try some of his blends which incorporated his methods of making coffee. Every customer that tried it loved it. So, slowly Phil started transitioning his grocery store into a coffee shop. Jacob, Phil's son has been helping him from the beginning.

Jacob started ringing people up at the register and building relationships with the customers. As he learned the business he quickly started taking over and coming out with his own blends and drinks. The corner store now became a hot spot for some amazingly good coffee.

Phil wanted to change the name of his grocery store which was named Gateway Market. He thought of Phils Coffee and everybody liked it until Phil's daughter Jessica said, "why don't we replace the 's' in Phils with a 'z' to give it a kick?" Phil tried it out and it looked good together, so from then on it was “Philz Coffee”.

After a couple of years, Phil and Jacob opened their second location in the Castro and Philz Coffee fans continued to grow. Every month we would receive press from newspapers, television, etc. People from around the world started hearing about our coffee and ordered our beans online from our website which was started quickly after the second location.

We have built a solid respectful reputation over the past 8 years by working seven days a week and by loving what we do. We believe in first class customer service and serving the best coffee anyone has ever imagined; it is as simple as that. We even have people that come directly from the airport just to try our coffee!

Our goals are the exact same as the first day we worked; and that is to always love what we do, work hard, provide amazing customer service, stay productive and consistent day in and out. Today, while Phil still works every day, Jacob runs Philz Coffee INC.


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