The Pawn

Need a pawn shop that can simply provide cash when you need it! Collateral loan or just looking to sell, Paul's Pawn can do just that and more. Don't think a pawn shop is for you, think again. Paul's Pawn also carries a large inventory of items that is constantly changing, and if it's a bargain your looking for, get a first hand look by joining our VIP group In The Pawn, just push the "Shop Now" button to find your way to awesome deals.Items of Interest-Jewelry-Precious Metals-Outdoor & Sporting Goods-Antiques and Rarities-Electronics-Tools-Gift Cards-Musical Instruments -Luxury Designer Brands-We are always willing to take a look!-If in doubt, please don't hesitate to call or text!Paul's Pawn Is locally owned and operated by Paul's Pawn LLC and follows all local, state and federal laws pertaining to pawn shops and merchant businesses.

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The Pawn is a text-based interactive fiction game by Magnetic Scrolls, first published for the Sinclair QL by Sinclair Research in 1985. It was then released for other platforms in 1986 by Rainbird. It is remembered for its excellent graphics (on some versions) and the opening music available in some game versions. Also the game itself—story and parser—got mostly positive reviews. The story takes place in the fairy land of Kerovnia, from which the player must escape. The game is written in 68000 assembler. Later versions use a cut-down 68000 virtual machine even on less powerful machines like the Z80-based Sinclair Spectrum. The Amiga version uses digitized instrument samples in its title music early in that computer's lifecycle. The peaceful title music was composed by John Molloy and it features guitar and flute sounds.