Parkwood Homes

Parkwood Homes believes in quality over quantity, and therefore limits itself to building just a small amount of homes with the finest materials and the most qualified craftsmen. We blend traditional American architecture with modern finishes.
About Parkwood Homes Parkwood Homes was founded in 1991 and soon became the principal builder in the nationally acclaimed community of Kentlands, Maryland. We are a small, family owned company. Most of our employees have been with us for many years and are seasoned and experienced in homebuilding. We limit the number of homes we build each year and take great pride in the solid craftsmanship and quality our homes provide. Although Parkwood is a small firm, we have enjoyed very positive recognition for our innovative and high quality homes. We place great emphasis on excellent design. We believe in responsible, sustainable, High Performance homes and are a 100% Energy Star builder. We support the tenets of New Urbanism and are proud to build in New Urbanist communities like Kentlands and Stapleton. Our Philosophy At Parkwood, our loyalties are to our customers and our employees, not Wall Street analysts and stockholders. We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, and ask our customers for honest feedback in 3rd party surveys designed to help us improve. Mass-produced cookie-cutter homes have never been a part of our business plan; instead, we offer each new family the chance to sit down with our architect and customize a dream home that fits the way they live. Much more than just choosing from a few granite selections, Parkwood buyers have the unique opportunity to move windows, doors…even reconfigure walls and rooms to fit their needs. Parkwood Homes has been honored to build in some of America's best neighborhoods. We can afford to be very selective about the communities we build in as well as the homes we build. The Urban Land Institute has recognized both Kentlands, Maryland and Denver's Stapleton among the “Great Planned Communities” in the world. We understand that only our purchasers can turn our houses into homes and our streets into neighborhoods but we do everything possible to help that process along. Because community is so important, a lot of thought and planning goes into each of our streetscapes. House massing and roof configurations are thoughtfully planned, we use high quality building materials that age with dignity, and we do our best to quickly establish a feeling of place. Parkwood Homes builds homes with integrity and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We do our best to make it an enjoyable and satisfying experience. We would be honored to build one for you.

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