TAA Youth Sports: Football,Cheer & Soccer

amateur sports team
2100 Tarrallton Dr, Norfolk, Virginia 23518
Youth league that provides Football,Cheer & Soccer for the youth in the city of norfolk…Flag Football ages 5-7, Tackle Training Team ages 8-9, Pee Wee Football ages 8-10, Midget Football ages 10-12, and Bantam Football ages 13-14 and...

The Focus Center

nonprofit organization
501 W 35th St, Norfolk, Virginia 23508
Awakening local leaders in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk, VA

Catalytic Generators, LLC

foodservice distributor
1185 Pineridge Rd, Norfolk, Virginia 23502
40 years ago we gave fresh produce companies the ability to make their own ethylene for fruit ripening. This is the easiest and safest method to ripen fruit, as there is no chance of ethylene explosion with our...


clothing (brand)
1901 SHOOP AVE, Norfolk, Virginia 23509
A Virginia based brand specializing in providing a feel good vibe in street fashion

Gender Expression Movement of Hampton Roads, VA

nonprofit organization
247 W 25th St, Norfolk, Virginia 23517
The Hampton Roads, Virginia Gender Expression Movement - GEM provides advocacy, resources and education about gender identity issues and social support to the Transgender, Gender Non-conforming and Gender Questioning members of the Hampton Roads, Virginia Transgender community.

MODSIM World Conference & Expo

235 E Main St, Norfolk, Virginia 23510
Register for the 2018 MODSIM World Conference here:

Escape Ship

1 Waterside Drive, Norfolk, Virginia 23510
It’s 1945 onboard the Battleship Wisconsin. You and your teammates are locked inside the Captain’s Cabin and have exactly one hour to save the day. You’ll need to solve puzzles, find clues, and decipher codes before it’s too...

Police Emerald Society of Tidewater, Virginia

nonprofit organization
PO Box 3033, Norfolk, Virginia 23514
Charity Organization-Celtic (Irish/ Scottish) First Responders, Promoting and Honoring the Fallen to assist their families in need.

Born Elegance

Norfolk, Virginia
I am always looking around for neat, interesting, innovative, life changing things. As I find and hear of things I will take the time to keep you in the loop.

Vintage Elegance by MVK

308 W 21st St, Norfolk, Virginia 23517
Handmade, repurposed, vintage, antique, shabby, cottage, French, and coastal. Custom orders accepted.