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Houston NOA Nail Bar our pledge is to provide a luxurious salon experience to our clients with numerous high quality salon services and treatment. Our Goal: At NOA nails bar, our pledge is to provide a luxurious salon experience to our clients with numerous high quality salon services and treatments. We offer high quality spa treatments, products and nail services that nourish and recharge your body, mind & spirit. Our Staff: Trained and licensed cosmetologists, aestheticians, manicurists and support staff with years of experience in beauty industry.

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Samantha Marino
. 2 weeks ago
Used to come here a couple of years ago. They could never keep nail tech so i was never happy with my nails. The price also changed every time and after the 3rd time i was done. My nail tech is still out for covid and i decided to give them another try. They were dismissive from the begining. On the phone and talking to each other. 15 mins later they finally get to me and tells me my nails would be $50. I said i had not paid that price here and she informed me that it was bc my nails were going to be long. (she took it apoun herself to assume). She immediately got mad and stormed to the front counter talking to the guy. I simply ask him to look up what i had gotten previous and the price i paid. He then began to start being rude and saying he wasn't going to look it up. I just walked out. Steer Clear! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
Sa’Miyah Henry
. a month ago
Staff is a little rude and rough. I asked an employee if I could get someone else to do my nails because he was rude upon arrival. He pushed my hand away and walked away. Lady who did my feet messed up the color by brushing it on her sleeve.. when she realized what she did she forcibly put my foot back on the stool like it was my fault. Plus they overcharged me. Finding a new salon. Nails are cute though. Lastly, the handoff from the person who does your nails to the person who does your feet is unorganized. They just leave you standing there.
LayandEj Gang
. 3 weeks ago
They set the expectation extremely high . The vibe and the outcome of my nails . Trish did my nails extremely fast and perfect . I will be going back
Thelma R. Oxley
. a month ago
Worst pedicure experience. The girl who did my pedicure seemed like she was in training not knowing what to do and very clumsy. She left rough skin on my toes and heels, the nail polish was very low quality, you could see very uneven strokes on my toe nails and the next day started to peel off. It definitely wasn't a relaxing experience. Never again!
Artistry By Atlantis Nicole
. a month ago
My nails were $50 and they were so ugly and thin and pointy. The shape is HORRIBLE! They look like little candy corns lol smh I would suggest you keep looking if you’re thinking about going to this place. Also I didn’t see new nail files being used it was like they never heard of Covid. The chairs weren’t wiped down after each guest like they should have been especially seeing that they weren’t busy. Save your money and spend it elsewhere. Btw got these done May 30th and this is how they looked by the 1st.

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