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7 Natural Brands To Help You Look Beautiful, Feel Younger and Be Healthier. Natural Skin Care by Herbal Choice Mari TM: Herbal Choice Mari is a beautifully crafted line of 100% natural skin care and body products made using organic, wild crafted, cold pressed herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients. Start using skin care products that are chemical, paraben, synthetic and harmful filler FREE. All in vegetarian and vegan formulas. Natural Mineral Makeup by Bella Mari TM: Bella Mari cosmetics is committed to offering the most natural makeup available. Bella Mari TM is free from synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petrol-chemicals, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Now you can enjoy a complete natural skin care program simply combine the Bella Mari TM natural mineral makeup with Herbal Choice Mari TM natural and organic skin care. Natural Vitamin Supplements by PhytoVitamins TM: Did you know that most vitamin brands contain synthetic vitamins made in a laboratory, in an attempt to try and copy the real vitamin molecule but it is never the same. The PhytoVitamins range of whole food natural vitamins is 100% whole organic foods that are additive free, synthetic vitamin free and vegetarian. Alkaline pH Balance by Acid-2-Alkaline TM: An alkaline balanced body has so many health benefits you can not ignore your body's pH any longer. Use this natural alkaline supplement and alkaline food diet and start on the road to better health. Acid-2-Alkaline is one of the originators of the alkaline body miracle and is an effective program that works. Green Food Vitamins by Supa Herbal Greens TM: A super green food formula with 36 different grains, seeds, nuts and greens. This supplement is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and helps maintain good health. May be used alone or combined with the Acid-2-Alkaline. Herbal Remedies and Wellness Formulas by Herbal-Medi-Care TM: Herbal-Medi-Care is made with a unique proprietary manufacturing method from whole raw herbs that are additive, filler and preservative free in a vegetarian capsule. Some of the best and more effective all herbal remedies you will ever use. Over 100 different formulas to support for a range of health problems. Multivitamin Supplements by Vitamin Source TM: Vitamin Source is a quality range of traditional multivitamin supplements, minerals, food supplements, joint formulas, eye formulas and much more. Quality products that you can trust for purity and potency. ** Note: Many of the Vitamin Source products are natural, some are a combination of synthetic and natural, while others are from synthetic sources. This is why some of the Vitamin Source TM Supplements are excluded from the Natures Brands TM all natural claim. Please read ingredients carefully. This exception ONLY applies to Vitamin Source TM products.

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