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Jennifer Allen
. 2 months ago
Laura is amazing, I truly appreciate and value that she takes the time to explain and evaluate everything so concisely. She made my under eye filler so easy and stress free. I was nervous at first that I had no improvement but when I look at pictures from even 4 years ago my eyes look so much better and I realized she made me look completely natural as promised and not that over filled look everyone always said would happen to me when I brought up that I was considering fillers. Really I cannot give her enough praise, she is truly an asset. I also wanted to mention that Micaela answered all of my questions for months before I finally scheduled my appointment. She is so knowledgeable about all areas of your practice and if not for her patience with all of my endless questions I never would have made it in. I am so grateful she gladly accepted each question I had without judgement because I look forward to continuing as your patient for years to come.
Cara Quici
. in the last week
Laura, their Nurse Practitioner is INCREDIBLE- I cannot say enough GOOD things about Laura’s work and how she has changed my life!! She not only has a keen eye for the natural beauty you already possess by enhancing it, but she is a natural healer who will go above and beyond to make sure your service benefits you on both the inside and outside, to truly change your life long term for the better.
GIA Bell
. 2 months ago
My mind is blown by the facial I just recieved from Caitlin at Nassif MD spa. Everyone loves a facial, but this was an unbelievable experience for me, Caitlin ACTUALLY improved my skin with just one session. Caitlin was incredibly lovely, welcoming, warm and extremely talented. She knew exactly what my skin needed and was highly knowledgeable about all the products in the office (I purchased a few items and am so eager to try then out). I left there feeling so rejuvenated. I am hooked, completely and utterly hooked, in fact I can't believe I have lived my whole life without Caitlin and Nassif. My skin looks insane, unreal, I'm literally glowing. I have never felt so good and confident about my skin in my whole life. I have always had issues with my skin and now I feel so full of hope and gratitude. I am so lucky and excited to have found such an incredibly wonderful spa and aesthetician who I can trust. I'm already booked for my next facial and I am counting down the days. Thank you Caitlin and Nassif for being exactly what I need.
Natalie Sandoval
. 2 weeks ago
Amazing team! Such beautiful office. Laura is the best, highly recommend!
Alyssa Ainzua
. 2 weeks ago
The staff is amazing! Corrine is the best! I highly recommend