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Most Wanted Tattoo has Been around for over 10 years now & still going strong, It's a tuff business & we are open every single day of the year just to service the unpredictable crowds of tattoos & body piercing. there is no other shop in the valley that puts out like MWtattoo & the smoke shop departments. We are also the most scrutinize shop in the valley, the most talked-about & I would admit that we are for the good and the bad. allot has to do with the owner & CEO Augie Rubio who has been heading towards a world known artist do to his posters & clothing line witch have been circulating towards different countries such as, Australia, Japan & Europe, & that's no joke. Google his name & u will see exactly whats going on. He took himself away from a long weary road with no aim or goals to a some what success but it hasn't been easy with all the obstacles in the road. There's been quite ga few artists that started here with augie rubio & MWtattoo then moved on to open there own tattoo shops, so I would say MWTattoo has Been great generator for entrepreneur & young artists. We are family-owned tattoo shop that also employs our very own brothers, sisters, fathers & nephews! As well as friends! We do are hardest to keep it opened & put smiles on people's faces day after day, month after month, year after year ...MWT has been pushing T-shirts out like if we was crazy on the prices cause we have sales as low as $3. We must be crazy ...Well I'm still going to be going cyber so like this crazy talk ..

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Shasta Downey
. 2 months ago
Love this place. The landscaping is beautiful. The staff is friendly, courteous and professional. The decor is unique. I had my none pierced and was a bit scared but was met with the quickest piercer ever. I'll definitely be returning in the future.
. 6 months ago
Cool spot ! Nice, chill people. Fast service.
. 4 months ago
I love the art work that was done. The tattoo came out exactly how I had asked. Small lettering in such a small tattoo is always difficult but came out legible and perfect. I definitely suggest this tattoo artist.
Alesis Sims
. 4 months ago
Great service. Super friendly. Very clean piercing room. Quick and practically painless. Will be back!
Darlin'Angel JessicaYsidron
. 2 years ago
my very favorite head shop/tattoo/piercing parlor in Fresno! the best selection of smoking accessories and oil burners! no other place has stuff like this! and I came here to get my daughters lip pierced and won a free belly button piercing in the gumball machine! this spot is dope!

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