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Recognized as the voice of Missouri’s Community Health Centers, we are a private nonprofit member association. We partner closely with our Community Health Centers, federal, state, and local advocates to support resources, programs, and policies that assure access to health care. Everything we do is designed to help our members provide the best health care services in Missouri! Missouri Community Health Centers are local, non-profit, community-owned health care providers serving low income and medically underserved communities. For over 40 years, Missouri’s health centers have provided high-quality, affordable primary care and preventive services, and often provide on-site dental, pharmaceutical, and mental health and substance abuse services. Also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), they are located in areas where care is needed but scarce. They improve access to care for thousands of Missourians regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. Missouri’s Community Health Centers provide services through approximately 190 delivery sites in both rural and urban communities and serve as the medical home to 444,000 Missourians with nearly 1.6 million encounters each year – numbers that are quickly growing. Community Health Center patients are among Missouri’s most vulnerable populations. People who, even if insured, would nonetheless remain isolated from traditional forms of care because of where they live; who they are; the language they speak; and their higher levels of complex health care needs. Nearly half (50%) of Community Health Center patients reside in rural areas. Almost 75% of their patients have family incomes at or below 100% of poverty. Moreover, our Community Health Centers serve a disproportionate level of uninsured and Medicaid patients with roughly 35% being uninsured and another 42% depend on Medicaid. Recognized as one of the most effective programs by the Office of Management and Budget, Community Health Center’s reduce the need for more expensive in-patient and specialty care, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

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