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Margaret Boyd, "Magz" loves sharing her knowledge of healing the body through movement and massage. Her healing journey began in 1999 when she fell in love with the Nia Technique, danced out of depression, healed structurally, and revolutionized her life. She began teaching the Nia Technique in 2001, continued her Nia training and study, and is a Black Belt Nia Instructor. This personal transformation led her to pursue massage school in 2007 at the Oregon School of Massage, with a special interest in Shiatsu massage, which she has continued to practice. In 2011 Magz began studing with Sue Hitzman, the creator of the MELT Method and she has completed the MELT Method instructor training. Magz is a licensed MELT Method instructor and teaches MELT Method classes and workshops, as well as private MELT sessions. Magz loves to work with anyone who lives or aspires to live an active life, including dancers, runners, swimmers cyclists and you! She welcomes you to "transform tension into vitality" with her bodywork and classes.

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