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. 8 months ago
Booking is a nightmare, no real upfront information on the website. When you do go in, you get harassed to become a member. When you specifically say your shoulders are very sensitive and to be soft, but they don’t listen, and then you end up with legitimate, large bruises all over your shoulders. I would not recommend this place.
Abby Ellsworth
. a year ago
Great place to get a wonderful massage. I took my entire staff here for a relaxation day after a hard year of work and they were fantastic with accommodating a large party, and hough quality therapists. Vernon was amazing and the anestist that consulted with us while we were waiting for our massages was fantastic.
Alejandra Luna
. 11 months ago
EXTREMELY disappointed. I received a gift card for the amount of $100 for my Birthday, and so I went to the Rye location and booked myself a facial. First, let me say that this was not my first time at a spa, and so for that I kind of know how they work and the procedures of facials and let me tell you this is the worst facial I've ever had. The cosmetologist cleaned my face but never used the steamer, exfoliated or massaged my face, she literally extracted black heads and would not stop extracting in a very harsh way my face even though I told her to stop since I had NO pimples or acne whatsoever. I am so upset it wasn't a relaxing or enjoyable facial at all and to make matters worst it only lasted 40 min when they had told me it was a 60 min facial and they ended up charging me $50 dlls more??? Really??? And not even a facial massage or aromatherapy??? I was so mad that I paid and walked out. Horrible experience PLEASE DONT COME HERE. They left my face SO RED. 😭😭😭
Holly Young
. 2 years ago
Joined in November, therapist Nick was my 3rd try for the perfect treatment. He’s nearly impossible to get an appointment with because he does an incredible job. I have suffered back pain for years, causing numbness and burning in my feet and toes. Thanks to Nick, the numbness and burning has ended. I can go longer stretches of time without back pain as well so thanks Nick! As for the rest of the folks, they are always super nice and helpful.
Rajpaul Toor
. 2 years ago
Unethical practices. I booked two introductory massages for $70 each. I confirmed the price while booking. When arrived the next day they change the prices to $110 each. I would have made a fuss but I had my mother and father in law with me (the massages were for them). I would avoid this location.

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