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Satish Pai
. 5 months ago
We have been with Massage Envy at Bedford Hills since 2016. We love going here for massages. Very clean, super hygienic environment. Never had to wait and always were able to get appointments as desired. Love all the masseuses and the front desk staff. You guys rock.
Adriana Genao
. 5 months ago
I come to Massage Envy to see Sara, the esthetician. I was skeptical at first; I had adult acne and tried a lot of different things. Within a few months of seeing her, my skin became completely clear, and the discoloration on my face has improved significantly. I get compliments on how great my skin looks, which is crazy considering how congested it was before. I can't say enough great (but honest) things about Sara.
. 10 months ago
Christine was great! I had a great massage today. the only thing if possible to offer towels so i can wipe off oils after massage, I got oil stains on soles of my shoes. . I definitely would go back, will bring my own towels though.
diana galvez
. 7 months ago
Got a massage here and I will give it 5 stars but I can't say I would recommend eating at McDonald's before getting a massage from Philipe who has brute force. Quite the strong hands.
Steven Mendoza
. 7 months ago
The most restful time in my life while here

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