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If anyone embodies the spirit of a Top Agent, it is Joe Maez, whose team The Maez Group Real Estate Experts with Keller Williams has risen to the top of the Albuquerque real estate market in an astonishingly short period of time. But it makes sense when you hear Joe’s business philosophy and consider his life’s work and experiences. A veteran of the U.S. Military who spent a full 13 months in Iraq, suffice to say Joe knows a lot about discipline and team work. “The Maez Group runs like a well-oiled machine. I’m responsible for powering that machine, like my computer is powered by Intel,” he says with a laugh. “Our job is to help as many people as we can. That means I have to have the right people in place to make sure that we are able to negotiate, save clients time and money, be available for them whenever they need us, price their home right, and most of all listen to our clients,” he explains. Joe and his team execute on their objective with astounding consistency. As a matter of fact, his team was recently ranked #2 in the entire state of New Mexico by Real Trends/Wall Street Journal. Further evidence that Joe’s utter dedication to identifying his team’s objective of helping as many people as possible can be seen his sales growth. In 2010, which was Joe’s first full year in residential real estate he closed 75 transactions. By 2011, that number had risen to 121, and by 2013 had reached 215 closed transactions. But rest assured, Joe has no plans to slow down. “Our goal for 2015 is to sell 360 homes,” he says. What’s most surprising about Joe and his team, is that the Maez Group is nowhere near the largest team in term of agents, even though their production levels are some of the highest in the state. “My wife is our PR manager who handles all of our charitable efforts in the community. My parents who both retired from their professions and have joined me as brokers. I have a licensed assistant who is rock solid, and four buyer’s agents,” Joe explains. Of course, none of the great accomplishments of the team would be possible if Joe wasn’t an incredible agent and leader who leads by example. “I’m in my office every day making calls all morning. In the afternoon I’m on listing appointments, pricing homes, getting homes staged, and educating consumers. We have the staff to get a home priced, staged and listed in one day. When other people say no, we say yes. This is a consumer based business and everything we do is about providing exceptional customer service,” Joe adds. Obviously the fact that the team does run like a well-oiled machine resonates with clients. Indeed, at press time the Maez Group had more than 130 listings, and was actively working with incredible numbers of buyers. Indeed, at a time when many agents are seeing their production down 30%, Joe’s is up 30% and he attributes that to the fact the “market is what you make it.” “If you believe it is a bad market it will be. But if you believe there is always opportunity to help people, then there will be. We know how much opportunity there is for our buyers and sellers. We know our job is to help as many of them as we can, so we have created a fast, efficient, really amazing team that provides service that is hard to beat.” For more information about Joe, visit, email or call 505-401-5775.

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