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Konnektive™ has transcended beyond the definition of CRM. Konnektive is a complete Business Management Software (SaaS) that we refer to as our CARE system (Customer Acquisition and Revenue Enhancement) system that converges the best in technology for product and campaign management, sales and order entry software, customer service software, a billing system that completely integrates with any accounting system, and a fulfillment management system into one unique product that is completely web-accessible, and completely secure. Any company that is selling product to consumers, through any channel needs their own CARE system. These business management systems are cloud based and run in completely secure PCI certified environments, so you never need to buy software or servers and you can access your data from anywhere; totally dynamic and can interface with any data connection for real-time business transactions; and intuitive so you can see the performance of each and every aspect of your campaigns through dashboard reporting. This virtual system can be accessed from anywhere. No more physical servers, outages, software updates. You can assign multiple user access levels, and you add as many third parties as you require. For instance, you may have several sales centers. They can all access your system based on the users and user privileges that you assign, and you are taking orders directly into your system and maintain 100% of the control of your centers and more importantly, your data. Or you can connect via an API to your fulfillment house for real-time shipments, particularly when running a continuity product; whereby the recurring billing event is automated every month, and as a good authorization occurs, a fulfillment record is transmitted. It’s that simple! Some of the functionalities of our CARE are… • Product management • Campaign management • Inventory management • Automated recurring billing events • Automated product fulfillment events • Multi-merchant gateway management • Load balancing • Chargeback management • Landing page creation • Split testing and analysis • Affiliate performance tracking • Retargeting • Programmatic traffic buying • Site Targeting • Audience Targeting • Contextual Targeting • Geo Targeting • Inbound/Outbound sales order entry • Customer service access and management • Pre-transaction fraud screening • Campaign tracking and ROI management • Customer retention forecasting • Dashboard analytics • Full reporting suite • Membership product management • Sequential membership number assignment • Trial offer period set-up and management • Membership kit fulfillment transmittal • Direct connect - real-time data management • Batch customer/membership uploads • Commission and payroll management • And much more… The value of licensing your own system becomes abundantly clear when you see your revenues incrementally increase because your Business Management CARE (SaaS) system is providing you with the intelligence needed to make informed business decisions. Image a system that can connect to all of your resources; such as your sales center, your customer service center, your affiliate tracker, your fulfillment house, your merchant processor; giving you real-time glimpse at any time of all activities through dynamic reporting dashboards. Information is power, and having this data accessible is the key to success. For instance; knowing your attrition or stick rates, managing soft declines, managing charge-backs or identifying them before they enter your merchant account, and streamlining you quality assurance gives you power that you’ve never had before. You can forecast revenues and ROI for every marketing dollar spent. My clients have systems that take data directly from my phone switch and server, and by agent they can see every activity at the customer level; such as call times and handle rates, cancellations, alterations of customer records, etc… We have a proprietary technology in place that allows trial advertisers to continue processing transactions without losing customers when one of their merchant account is shut down. We have built a charge-back tracking/management feature. This feature will allow you to set chargeback thresholds, and based upon those thresholds the system will direct more transaction volume to the account that may be experiencing a higher chargeback ratio. For instance, if you set the threshold at 2%, and you merchant processor is sending chargebacks to the system, the platform will calculate the chargeback percentage and redirect more volume to that account to bring the threshold back down to an acceptable level. We have also built a dynamic load balancer; a feature that allows you to set the monthly volume limits. And should a limit be reached, the volume will be redistributed to the remaining accounts. For instance, if an account has a monthly limit of $50,000, once that limit has been reached, the system will automatically redirect transactions to the remaining active accounts. My advice to any company in the Direct Response industry is simple, and I say this because I would like to see more longevity and profitability from your company. Get your own Business Management CARE (SaaS) system. You have built a business, and you owe it to yourself and your company to increase your probability of success. Do not settle for anything less; find the system the best suits your companies needs. All of your sales, product and campaign activity aggregated and centralized into one “highly tuned” software system. Every innovation within our system is designed to make you as efficient and as profitable as possible. If you need some direction or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to share with you some resources that can tie your entire company together that will significantly increase your top-line revenue. Take CARE of your business.

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