Hurricane Alley Waterpark

CAUTION!!! FUN AHEAD!!Hurricane Alley Waterpark is Corpus Christi’s international award winning locally-owned and operated family water park.Hurricane Alley Waterpark is centered around STORM SURGE, our 12,000 square foot wave pool and GULF STREAM, our 750 foot scenic, relaxing lazy river. There is no need to wait for a good swell, we have the perfect wave all year round on SHREDDER! Climb to the top of CAT 5 our thrilling 6-story slide that’s over 65 ft. high! Grab a friend and enjoy CAT 5 as you wind your way down the spiraling slides in 1 or 2-person tubes! And if that is too much for you then head down Momentum, half as tall as CAT 5 but just as THRILLING! Or if you’re a little competitive, grab your friends and race your way down STORM CHASER, our breathtaking 4-lane racer slide built for SPEED and ultimate FUN! Moms and Kids we haven’t forgotten about you. Moms, let your little ones loose to splash around on the USS Dusty. Watch as your kids go wild sliding off the deckof the USS Dusty or spray each other with the US Coast Guard water cannons. Our kids play area is sure to have them screaming and splashing with fun for hours!So come out, relax and join in the FUN here at Hurricane Alley Waterpark.

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