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Newport Beach Medical Spa specializing in Facial Fillers, Botox and Laser Rejuvenation.

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Rayven Rayne
. a month ago
The owner is extremely rude. He thinks he is better than everyone and is below average at fillers. He has new employees all the time because he can’t keep them around. I wouldn’t let him touch my face again. If I were you I’d run and go find a better doctor who treats everyone with respect!
Allison Croul
. 8 months ago
Truly one of the best injecting experiences I’ve had. The doctor has an excellent eye for placement and is very thorough and thoughtful. He’s a true artist and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait until my next appointment.
misty Wilson
. 8 months ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Tamiry for 2 years now. He is detail oriented and takes his time. He does great work! I trust him with my face and my lips. He’s the best!
Hani Reshad
. 9 months ago
I am So glad I found HautSpa Medica in Newport Beach. I have been a patient of Dr. Tamiry for the past year. He had worked on my lips, cheeks and chin. The minute I walked in I was greeted by Brooke and Nasrin. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing. Soft background music was playing. After I signed all the paperwork, Brooke took my photos in different angles. Then she took me to the procedure room. Dr. Tamiry introduced himself and went over my paperwork and made sure all my Medical information was correct. He then went over the photos with me and provided the areas of needing improvement. I was so surprised to find out that I had not paid any attention to the areas that I neglected over the years. Frankly I was just concentrating on my forehead and lips.The consultation was just an eye opener. He then went over the procedure explaining the possible risks and what I should expect. He then cleansed the area and Brooke applied numbing medicine to my lips. He first started my Botox and then proceeded to my chin filler. He elongated my chin and then worked on my jawline. At the end he worked on my lips to give them a nicer pout. The whole procedure was painless. They have the best numbing cream! My chin and jaw look awesome. They are so different than any other place I have been to. They are very thorough and most importantly a doctor is doing the procedure and not a nurse. Thank you Dr. Tamiry and staff. I will be back for sure.
JSC Family
. 8 months ago
A very talented doctor and a wonderful team.

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