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The world needs Jesus Christ. Harvesters Ministries makes Him known by training in evangelism, church planting, pastor training, and discipleship. Its process of saturation church planting using a hub-church model is the most effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission. How does this work? 1) Harvesters identifies trained pastors to be hub-leaders, and trains them in evangelism and the hub-church planting model. 2) Evangelism outreach takes place, and as each new church is planted, new believers meet with the hub-leader regularly. The Lord calls an individual from the fellowship to become a pastor, the hub-leader appoints him and the new church membership confirms him. The hub-leader works to plant ten churches in three years. 3) The hub-leader teaches and disciples the pastor trainee regularly over three years using the Harvesters Bible School curriculum. 4) The pastor trainee disciples local believers weekly (with what he is learning) who go on to teach and disciple others. He is also responsible for planting three churches in three years. 2 Timothy 2:2 says, “And all the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.“ Harvesters program promotes a continuous cycle of training and God is providing the growth and the fruit! Nearly 40,000 churches have begun in 37 countries through Harvesters since 1999. Nearly 2.5 million persons have completed the HBS training or are currently being discipled. Harvesters goal is to see 1,000,000 churches begun in Africa, Asia and Latin America by 2025. Our aim is to reach all people with the Gospel, in both urban and rural settings. Our hope is that every person will have the opportunity to hear the Good News. For detailed information, please visit www.harvestersministries.com. To call S. Africa office: 27-011-955-1814 To call USA office - 980-328-2055

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