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Opening November 2013! Our largest Happy Head in San Diego. Over 40 massage beds able to accommodate large groups and massage parties. Plenty of free parking at this location. Located at the corner of Rosecrans Street and Midway Drive.

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Jessica Morgan
. 4 months ago
A great business. Professional, affordable, and the perfect way to get a massage without it feeling to formal. I would recommend Happy Head over any other massage business. I was so impressed. I want one to be opened in Salt Lake City, UT! Highly recommended!
Jennifer Torrez
. 6 months ago
I just got back from a deep tissue massage and it was definitely a decent massage. It is unfortunate that there was no conversation had between the therapist and I (due to the language barrier) about my needs and what I was looking for. It also didn’t really feel like enough pressure was applied during my massage. The atmosphere is definitely beautiful and I recommend headphones to drown out the chatter in the hall way. Hoping this place could change my mind!
Haidy Emard
. 6 months ago
Great place, I have visited on vacation for the last 5 years. Good people, great service. Very good prices.
Kelly Sullivan
. 8 months ago
Love the ambiance, very soothing. Staff is welcoming and price is good. Although I love going here, the massages are good, not great. I'm not sure where the masseuses are trained but...there are some better trained ones in the city.
Vinisha Vinny
. 6 months ago
I wouldn't recommend this spa place to anyone. I chose this place for a bachelorette treat. We were a group of 7 girls. Although I loved the massage I hated what happened after. The masseuse were all collectively standing for tip which we all were aware of and were ready with the tip except a few of us. They were looking to withdraw from the atm outside, but their masseuse had no patience. She would follow them foot on foot to the restroom also. She kept following to the atm too. This happened right in front of the receptionist and she didn't say anything. She kept following and kept calling out for tip for about good 10 minutes all the time while we were figuring out on cash. This is totally not professional and nullifies all the good(tiny bit) experience you had during the massage. DO NOT COME HERE!

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