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Imagine a haven where one’s most difficult decisions hinge on which channel to watch or what beverage to sip. The vibe is a luxurious one, comprised of soft leather, dark wood and steel. There is no fight for the remote and no shortage of relaxation. This is Hammer & Nails | Grooming Shop for Guys, the brainchild of Hollywood screenwriter and entrepreneur Michael Elliot, who felt out-of-place and uncomfortable in traditional female-centric nail salons. Knowing full well that he wasn't alone in his thinking, Elliot envisioned a decidedly more male-centric environment for hand and foot grooming, albeit gender-neutral. A man cave, if you will, complete with all the accouterments of comfort and luxury: Oversized leather chairs. Dark wood and low lighting that would offer solace at any time of day. Personal 32” flat-screen televisions positioned above each chair. Each client would have their own remote and set of headphones. There would not be any manicure tables or pedicure spa chairs. Hammer & Nails wouldn’t look or feel like a nail salon; its focus would be on wellness. Clients would leave this unique hand and foot grooming shop with more than just well groomed hands and feet; they would leave with healthy hands and feet. No longer a vision, Hammer & Nails | Grooming Shop for Guys - Melrose is located on iconic Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, with locations in Miami and Folsom, CA. Other locations throughout the country and the world are in the works. Though Hammer & Nails | Grooming Shop for Guys was specially conceived and created with men in mind, this unique hand and foot grooming shop is gender-neutral. Everyone is welcome. However, there a number of services that are commonplace at female-centric nail salons that you will not find at Hammer & Nails. Women are advised to view the ‘WOMEN’ page on the shop’s website for details before making their first visit.

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